I’m worried out of my mind…


I’ll try to make this fast.

So I have a friend Named Alix who I care about dearly..and since tuesday I got a missed iMessage from her saying she’s heading into surgery. that’s all she said. didn’t say way or anything else…she left that message at 8am and i woke up as 12pm. after that i started freaking out. I was hoping she would respond but I figured she’s already having the surgery..

I went to the gym just to relax for a bit..still didn’t get a update.

now I started getting really worried. I texted my friend matt asking if he knew anything. he said no. he was thinking it had something to do with her back.

I knew she told me once that she did a normal check up the day before but that’s about it.

my friend matt told not to worry so much and that she’ll be ok…then we got an update from her mom.

all her mom said was that she’s in surgery and that she’ll give an update soon…it’s now thursday 8am…Still no update….

surgery should NOT take this long…or maybe it does IDK

but I’m worried to fucking death…I can’t visit her cause she lives 3 hours away from me..but god i miss her…I’m so scared something bad happened.

I don’t know how to calm down…I know freaking out won’t help anyone but…god fucking damn it…I’m so worried…

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2 Answers

Just wait patiently , I'm sure everything is okay, hope for the best and be positive . I understand you're worried, but I'm sure she's fine, just wait for her to call you and pray
I recently knew someone in surgery too, it was days before I heard back from them. Post-surgery, most aren't very willing to talk right away, so you must give them time and space to heal.