I’m surrounded by boring people


I love my friends, but they are extremely boring. Every time we are all hanging out, it’s to watch a movie or play video games, or just sit around and drink. Those are all fine activities in moderation, but I prefer to do more active, fun, novel things! When I suggest something, it can be like pulling teeth, but I’ve managed to get folks to do karaoke, go on hikes, dress up fancy just to get appetizers at a local bar, etc… nothing crazy, but something outside of our comfort zones. Afterwards people always thank me for coming up with such a great idea, tell me how much fun they had…. But I wish someone else would come up with an interesting idea and manifest it!!!! I don’t want to be a leader, but nobody else will lead. I don’t want to “dump” my friends, because they are genuinely good people, but I wish they would come alive more. What can I do?

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Try and tell them when they make plans. Suggest things since suggesting isn't really taking the lead. If you wish for other people to suggest similar ideas! You may have to find other people that share vey similar interests, not necessarily getting new friends but knowing various types of people.
Each friend could have a week designated for them: each person must think of one thing they'd like to do, and they plan it. When their week comes, execute the plans.They may just be terrible at planning - as am I - but I bought a couple books about getting out of the house and trying new things, and it's worked for me. My favourite activity so far would definitely be renting a houseboat for the weekend and spending the weekend on the lake with my friends. Drinking, Fishing, Swimming, Loud Music, Late Nights, Barbecues - try get your friends out of their comfort zone, and then ask them if there's anything they'd like to do. Not everyone is as open to new experiences as you are, but maybe all they need is that little push.
Just keep up with the suggestions, they might just need that little encouragement to do something our of their comfort zones. It's awesome that they do these things with you, but not everyone is easily open to the idea of trying something new or trying something a little 'out there' but once they realise they can do these things, they might be more open to doing it more often. Keep up the suggestions, just don't get disheartened if they don't always say yes.Lots of love xx
It sounds to me like you're gonna have to continue fighting for what you want.

You guys have fun in the end though, right?
Isn't your effort always worth it? Isn't it rewarding?

Maybe someday, one of your other friends will come up with a fun, novel, exciting idea.

But to do that, we need to find the motivation.
We need to discover a novel and stimulating aspect of our personality, that is there, waiting to be opened up.

And you see, there's no guarantee that your other friends have the personality, the inner capacity, to come up with something novel.
For some people, it's just not in them. You know?

But hey, I personally believe in working hard, pushing and fighting for what we want.
And I like that you're doing this.

If it's a good cause, and it makes yourself and others happy, then it's always worth it. Right?