I’m such a failure!


To start with, I started Taekwondo last April, along with my sister. I am always present every training (thrice a week) While my sister barely go to the trainings because she’s too busy with her college life. I focused my attention to taekwondo and do my best every training. Yesterday, my sister went to training with me and we sparr (I vs. my sister) . Well, to cut the story short, I lose the sparr. A new member of the Taekwondo team also asked me if my sister has been practicing for a year already because she is really that good. But my sister do not take those things seriously. Well, my sister is a few inches taller than me. Does it matter? She can head kick me easily. And I’m having a hard time to go near her because her legs are longer than mine. ( And now I feel worse about myself). She’s way too better than me. I’m the worst. :(

And here I am. I exerted more effort, more passion to Taekwondo, but why is that I feel like I’m a loser. Why is it I feel like I’m not improving at all, compare to my sister who barely go to the Taekwondo trainings?

I really feel bad :( I kept on practicing and practicing but I always lose. As if I improve too slow (or none at all). Well, Im so insecure. Please help me guys :( I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to handle this :(

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If you enjoyed learning Taekwondo, I would keep at it. Just because someone else is better at something, or better suited to it, doesnt mean that you cant learn to do it also. I hear that you feel like a failure, but I would focus on what you have learned and what you want to be able to do better. Measure yourself against your own progress, not someone else's.
Don't get so discouraged! While it's true that some people have certain natural talents, this in no way means you are inferior! If you enjoy taekwondo, by all means keep at it!
I know it's often easy to feel competitive with your sister over things like this, but I find that if one can turn the other cheek and keep practicing, without resentment, not only will they improve, but they'll feel better about themselves.
Do the best you can do and don't worry about anyone else!
If you're concerned about how talented your sister is, then you should practice harder. For me, the more effort exerted at achieving a goal is better than being naturally better at it because you'll have a stronger foundation and that type of person is more to rise again after falling.I also took up taekwondo but quit due to being forced in it and I am not a fan of shouting. Never got past high yellow belt tho
Maybe you're trying too hard and being too technical while she's just having fun. Fun > technique.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbecIBvR3mE
Thats always the way, to some people it comes naturally to others it doesnt, some dancers see a move and do it while others take a week to learn it.....in the world there will always be someone better than you, you dont have to be the best just the best you can be.
Your negative self-esteem affects your performance. Even a Grandmaster can lose if he lacks confidence in himself.
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. "Bruce Lee"Keep at it kiddo :) Your efforts will shine through
Natural talent is important in Martial arts but its not everything,if being tall is a helping factor for her some way you could be better than her at some other aspect,try to find out where your strength lies with respect to Taekwondo..Plus sometimes its better to let it be normal and not push too hard while practising..Identifying your strength helps..