I’m struggling with university. Help?


Hi, so i’m in my final year of university, and i’m struggling with my dissertation. My tutor is useless, and so I’ve resorted to going to speak to someone else this week. My dissertation is due in April, and I feel like I’ve got nothing done. My friends are talking about how many chapters they have done or edited, etc. And I’m not even sure if what i’ve got so far is even worth a chapter. It’s giving me a lot of stress, which i don’t know how to cope with. I don’t want to mess this up. Not only for myself, but i’m the first to go to university in my family, and i dont want to let them down.
Can anyone give me any advice on how to deal with the stress, advice in how to focus my mind so i can write, etc?

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Yes! Dissertations are stressful and it can be frustrating to hear friends talk about their progress. You did a great job with approaching a different adviser that will be helpful towards your thesis.Sometimes it becomes hard to stay focused because you think "OMG I'm running out of time" or "I don't want to write this thesis". A good way to cope with the stress while writing your thesis is to take short breaks to just breathe or listen to music for awhile. Find some activities that help you calm down. It can also be helpful to think about the achievements of finishing this thesis. You're almost done and once this huge paper is out of the way, you'll feel so relieved. Finding time for yourself and doing things that you enjoy is a huge part of coping with stress, in my opinion at least. We can drive ourselves crazy if we don't have some me time. It wouldn't even hurt to confide in your friends and ask how they stay focused on their writings. they're probably just as stressed as you are.Hang in there. You're almost done! Good luck with your thesis