I’m stressed out


I just got my first job and I’m stressed out, I’m a bagger at a grocery store and this is new to me because I have to put peoples groceries in their bags and also help them to their car if they need it and even say thank you have a nice day.
It’s uncomfortable for me because I’m used to socializing very much and I have to talk to complete strangers ranging from young to old.i also feel uncomfortable because I feel like my coworkers are watching me because I’m new, I feel like they’re waiting for me to mess up ad when I do they’ll have something to gossip about.
Not only that but sometimes the bags get loose while I’m bagging and I don’t where to put them so I put them I’m a small little space under the bagging place and continue bagging, well one of the supervisor just walks by and puts the bags on top of the bagging place in the lane where I was working. I thought she was just dumping her garbage on me and expected me to throw it away until I realized I wasn’t supposed to do that. I don’t know why she didn’t just tell me.
Today I pushed in carts basically the whole day and nobody told me that you’re only supposed to be outside for thirty minutes. I felt dumb when somebody told me that. Oh well I got a tan at least.

I told my stepdad and he told my mom and she said that I need to not pull that kind of stunt and actually work and act like an adult and how the adult life sucks.
Also I’m not used I staying in one place for very long so my lower back, knees and feet get sore and it’s painful by the end of the day, I’m also recovering from a sprained ankle.
Im having so much anxiety and so much stress about this I’m feeling pressure from my mom and I don’t like the fact that I’m being watched by my coworkers that I feel like I need a day by myself to get everything to together. I cried earlier because I can’t talk to anyone in the house or my relatives because they think it’s not a big deal and that I’ll get used to it but for right now I feel alone and isolated

Category: Tags: asked July 16, 2015