I’m so worried about my future for so many reasons


I almost have no hope for my future honestly..Like I have the worst luck in everything, I’ve never succeeded no matter how hard I tried, I keep MAKING STUPID MISTAKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Ok here are some reasons why I think my future will be fucked up:

My parents divorced when I was 5, and I HAVEN’T SEEN MY DAD SINCE BC WE MOVED TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.

We live in this thing that’s supposed to be a house, sure it’s big but IT IS UNFINISHED. AND NOBODY IS WORKING ON IT.

I lost my step dad after 8 years of me and mom living with him, amazing luck right? Right.

I lost my one and only friend and it took me about 8 months to feel closure.

My mom docent have a job, because of law.. (moving to another country)

My family is mildly depressed..

I feel like I’m gonna be a failure, I DON’T WANT TO LIKE.. live in one of those rat holes working for someone in a small office and struggling to pay rent omg help :(
I’m a good student and stuff but I’m still so worried about my future mostly financially.
OH AND ALSO I’ve never had a boyfriend and i’m 15. And I’m terrified of getting divorced but everyone in my family has gotten divorced and ughh! I just want a nice life :( I want everything to fall in place but I feel like I won’t be able to pay for education or a house or anything..
Fuck my life

Sorry I’m stressed out right now..Just so worried, I want everything to be perfect…I don’t wanna end up like my mom, SHE HAS DIVORCED 2 TIMES AND LOST HER TRUE LOVE TO DEATH..IT’S SO TYPICAL AND IT ONLY MAKES SENSE THAT IT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME!!!!!!
I would commit suicide because of this stress but I’m terrified of death so….yeah.. :(

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First of all, if you're looking for a quick fix, then you're out of luck love. Harsh as it may sound, it's just reality. Like anything, it takes effort and more than that will to succeed.

I don't know everything that's happened in your life, but choices and mistakes made by other people can't be put on you. They're their own persons, just as you are yourself and let me tell you something, you will make mistakes. And they will be your own entirely. It's how we learn what not to do. Like you said, you're fifteen, there's a whole life left to be lived and people to date and fall in love with.

The future is a variable we can't predict, but you shouldn't be so focused on fearing what may or may not happen, and forget to live right now in the moment. And I'm sure that if you push yourself, you will do great academically and get good grades to get into a nice collage. As for the financial part, it's not what you should be worrying about right now. I don't know where exactly you moved too, but most collages have some sort of scholarship or aid for students when it comes to it. But for right now, try and live in the present.

Find something, a goal that you want to work against. Set smaller ones as well. Like maybe you want to be a lawyer or work with kids. What do you need to get there? A degree definitely. That's the big one. A smaller one could be for example to finish high school. Another one could be to get out there a bit more. Perhaps there's clubs or something you could join, or take part in a study group with someone in your class.

I wish you the best of luck, don't give up just yet. Things have a way of falling into place, wether or not you believe it or not.
You're still really young and you got a whole life ahead of you, full years of unpredictable events that can make things turn for the best and you won't know it till it happens. I can see you're really stressed about this, but your past or the circunstances you're in now don't dictate your future, it's what you make of them that will. You're 15 and doing good at school, and maybe it preocupies you that you still never had a boyfriend, but it's better to keep your standarts and find someone who truly values you than desperatly searching for love and end up with someone who might hurt you faster, so don't feel like yu have to rush it, it will happen sooner or later. I know what it's like to feel unworthy and full of mistakes because I've been there a few years back and I couldnt imagine any future at all, and I didn't believe it when people told me it gets better, but I'm glad I waited to see. Hang on in there, it will be worthwhile *hugs*
I think the best thing to do right now is calm down and realize where you are in life. It's ok to be worried but worrying to much can cause you to become really stressed and the worst really depressed. I can understand how stressed and upset you are but the best thing I can tell you is to try and do therapy. If your mother does not have the financial stability, try a school counselor. A for your father, it must really suck to have never seen your father but the best I can say for that is to over come the situation that your in. Rise and become better and work your way up to were you deserve. Give yourself a better life than you have. If you can make yourself happy, make others happy, and then surround yourself with others that will make you happy. This is life and sadly you have the downside but you can over come with the right minds and right attitude and the first place to start is getting help.
listen...you think that your life is bad...there are others too who feel the same way as you do, i mean take it from my life...my dad was never there from the start, i only had my mom and i love her. I'm 15 too, i might not know the rest of the things, but i can show sympathy..if you know these things have occurred then why not do some thing about it. You're still young, you have alot to live for, be grateful that God (or your mom) gave you a life, be thankful even if the road is really bumpy or rocky, there's gonna be more problems in the future but that is life, you have a home...some don't, you have a mom, some don't...listen...do well in school, don't go looking for drugs or alcohol, it'll just fuck you up even worse. I'm not a sugar coater all right, i say what i believe is needed to be said, and i have said it. You haven't had a boyfriend? it's fine, i don't have one as well (i only had one in my life, and i can't even believe that my ex even liked me, i guess my fats are amazing...hehehe), most relationships in highschool won't last, what you need to focus now is your future...you want a bright one don't you? then focus on your education..if you have the chance on getting one then go for it, just make sure it won't distract you from your work and your mother's fate isn't your fate so don't worry. you mentioned you lost a friend? i lost nearly 2 of my best friends because i was moving back to my hometown and we didn't talk that much after (considering we like face2face chats or physical interactions...don't take it the wrong way.....i'm not gay heheh..) so i know how you feel, but i am sure that you will find new best friends in the future, maybe when you go to college...just work hard and study hard for now..thats all i have to say...thx for reading this..
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well u should be worried , i mean if u dont think about the future u wont have a future . i mean we only have i life , u have to do things right right?:) i mean sometimes life choises follows a pattern that runs in the family so thinking about this topics is the best thing u can do to avoid fatal mistakes :)