I’m so confused


Ok so last year I had a boyfriend (I had several) but I keep on breaking up with them because I don’t feel anything , no ” ohh that kiss was just awesome ” instead I’m more repulsive when I kiss guys . But now I have a girlfriend and when we kiss it’s like a rocket getting ready to take off and then BOOM!

I’m not 100 % sure , but I think I’m lesbian … I’m just not sure .. Even tho you think it would be quite easy to tell .. I’m just not sure because I’m attracted to boys but I just don’t know …

Category: Tags: asked October 26, 2014

3 Answers

Remember, you don't ever need to label yourself, you don't ever need to explain yourself to anyone. You like girls. You like boys. You like people. If something happens, it happens, and if you enjoy it, you enjoy it. You don't need a label to explain how you feel.
I'm not entirely sure, but wasn't.. Was the term, pansexual? I forget, but it meant that you were interested in both males and females. Although, considering being with guys has a different effect from being with ladies, I'd believe you were lesbian as well. No shame in it at all, really. As boys may be attractive to you, ladies seem to spark up your life more than males do, so again, pansexual may be the correct term. But lesbian also works, if you want to only describe what gender you seem to prefer.
Thanks every one !