I’m scared to have a horrible future


Right now, I am currently a 1st or I think 2nd yr student in college. I am suppose to be a 3rd yr college student as of now but my mom thinks I could have graduated right about now just because I’m already 20 yrs old. The reason why I am confused with my year level is because I made a lot mistakes during my first years in college which lead me to a path where I keep transferring schools and repeating the subjects I’ve taken before because of my bad grades. I was currently schooling in one of our prestigious schools here in our city but now I am transferred to a new school and I haven’t yet adapted and adjusted to the school. I was already okay with my old university because it had everything but alas, the matter of my academic status is a big issue towards the school I last attended, they don’t really accept students with low grades or at least a low average on the overall grades that were computed. I just fear that I may endure a horrible future ahead of me because of these faults I committed in my academics, I know for myself that I can achieve like the rest can too but I had adjustment problems before and now that I just can’t manage well. The fresh days in college, I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to do or what to achieve at first, I didn’t have any desirable/achievable goals, I barely even know what course to take, and right now I am unsure of the current course I am taking which is business, I just had sudden realizations of myself and I guess maybe it’s too late to change everything and thats why I have this fear of having a horrible future. And I have to say that I am not well contented with my college life right now. I don’t want to fail, I want to succeed like everybody else did.

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Its not like you have to get your degree in a year or else you will never be able to get it. Your faults may just push your timeframe back, but they wont prevent you from reaching your goals. You can always retake the courses you need to retake, get the grades you need to get, even take extra time to find the right program if you think business is not right for you.You are on your own personal journey and if these bumps are part of your journey, then you just have to adjust your expectations. Once you have the degree you want, and get into the career you want, it wont matter if you graduated at 20 or 21 or even 24.The bottom line is that you can't give up on your life, no matter how many mistakes you make. You don't get a redo, so if you fall down you just have to get back up and keep trying.