I’m scared that I have a brain tumor!


Hi, I’m a 13 year old terrified girl.

So I don’t know when this started, like a month ago or something,
I started getting feelings of derealization but that was because I was taking some strong vitamins and I stopped taking them and it almost went away except I have some episodes of weird unreal feeling…

And that made me so scared,
Here are my symptoms:

- The past few days I’ve been having headaches always in the same place (forehead) and they like come and go during the day sometimes..scary..

- I’ve been getting A LOT of deja-vu moments.

- Sometimes (mostly in the dark) I see kinda fuzzy :(

- Sometimes my speech gets a little slurred and sometimes I start having trouble talking and start stuttering, but that’s mostly when I’m nervous but in some cases it occurs when I’m not nervous…..

- Really mild hallucinations (visual only) like sometimes I think something’s moving from the corner of my eye but when I check nothing is there..You know, those types of hallucinations. They mostly happen when I see fuzzy.

- I’ve been feeling tired lately…(maybe it’s because of the season autumn but I don’t know….) And a little nauseous. (no vomiting)

So those are the symptoms and honestly I am freaking out!!!

*By the way* NOTE: Cancer or tumors DON’T run in my family. (If that helps)

So..Do you think this is something I should be worried about? I’ve tried talking to mom but she ignores it and says it’s just my hypochondria and anxiety (I have anxiety), but what do you think?? Is this serious?


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2 Answers

There could be something wrong with you, or you might be overreacting. Anxiety and stress can cause allot of those symptoms. However, if you truly feel that you have a serious ailment then go see a doctor.
I have chronic migraine. I don't have visual symptoms (like hallucinations or seeing things as fuzzy), but I know that many people with migraines have these. You should see a neurologist if you are concerned about either, they will be able to diagnose you. It is unlikely that you have a brain tumor at your age and with no family history. Migraines are more common, and many of your symptoms fit (especially since you don't always have to have the headache to have the other symptoms). Definitely see a neurologist. Good luck!