I’m ready to start dating again, but I can’t seem to find anyone I’m interested in…


It’s been about 9 months since my ex boyfriend and I broke up and even though we are on good terms with each other… I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. I want to meet new people but I just don’t know how or where… the boys at my school are ew, and I want someone mature. I just ready to be loved and give love back and I feel I’m ready to be in a relationship again but… I just don’t know how.

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Hey dear, i know how you feel, but you need to realize a simple thing that you cannot find love, if you keep searching for it. Love is something which will just happen when it has to. I know how amazing it feels to love someone and be equally loved in return, but you need to have patience and give it some time. You have a very long and beautiful life ahead of you and you will meet numerous good, "MATURE" people. Hang out with your friends while you can. I don't know where you are from but for instance there are many community activities you could participate in and get to know more people or you could also join some sports club if you are interested in sports. There are so many options you have to get to know more people. I hope you find your perfect partner soon. Until then just relax and have patience. Good luck. :)
Sometimes you can't just decide "oh I wanna be in a relationship" and have success in finding someone. The best time to find someone is when your not looking, to meet someone by chance and feel that instant spark. I'm only speaking from experience, not everyone's advice will be the right one. I felt ready for a relationship and i tried very hard 2 find someone, but because i tried so hard i ended up finding a lot of the wrong people that almost made me give up on life itself. The moment I stopped looking and just took my life day by was the moment I met someone by chance and over a year later were still happily together. i hope this helped at least a little bit.
Maybe try asking your friends to introduce you to somebody, or (and this piece of advice is everywhere but it's worth a thought) join some kind of group focused on one of your interests, you'll probably have a higher chance of running in to somebody you're compatible with.
Relax , have some fun . Go out with friends , to parties , to dinners , to fun events . You will meet someone and it will click , sometimes it can take more time than expected ( mainly because you can't expect it ) .
What do you mean by mature? I have had problems with not knowing what a girl means by mature. Sometimes it means being honest, and open, and taking responsibility. Others mean experienced, and fun, and fast paced.