I’m probably going to fail my AP English class…


I enrolled in an AP English III class for my junior year. I never wanted to take this class but I felt like it would be the better choice because the Honors class is taught by a teacher that hates me–the feeling is mutual. I love my AP teacher, but I hate the class and I can’t keep up with the copious amount of work that is due each week. She is sporadic in her decisions about when things are supposed to do, always going back and forth between dates. At the moment I have to annotate a whole book on imperialism in Africa and finish writing a research paper. The annotations are due on Monday (Nov. 18) and the paper is due the day after. I don’t have either finished… I really don’t want to fail because I don’t want to disappoint my teacher or my dad, but I feel like there is nothing else I can do, in order to ensure a good grade in this class. Would anyone mind giving me some advice or inspirations? (I am not allowed to skip a school day, and the work must be submitted that day or it won’t be graded.)

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Okay so I took AP english my junior and senior years of high school got a 4 on both -lit and composition?- I don't really remember the exact title of it but anyway, honestly if you are struggling talk to your teacher about it. They are usually pretty understanding and are willing to be helpful if you don't understand an assignment and want to get feedback for it the key thing is not to procrastinate. Which is a hard thing, I know I'm a huge procrastinator even now and I'm a sophomore in college it's a problem but my fault. Nevertheless, if you still feel overwhelmed by it know that dropping the class is always an option too. It doesn't make sense to shoot yourself in the foot GPA wise. And honestly, sure AP's are a nice thing to have when applying to colleges there's so many other things to do besides that, especially if you feel like you aren't going to do well in the class. If you are willing to work hard, perhaps work with some of your peers in the class, talk with the teacher you definitely have the tools to succeed but if you feel like you have too much on your plate there is no shame in going into a regular English class. A few of my friends never took AP English and got into really good colleges, so take an AP in something you enjoy and not force yourself into it if you don't particularly like it.
I'm not exactly inspiring or motivating one but I'll give something a shot anyway!
Hope this helps! :) Good luck. You won't fail! Relax a little and things will be fine for you.
Perhaps you can try talking to your teacher about the struggle you are facing concerning the sporadic due dates? Other than that, I know it will be hard but I think you can get through this. You're just going to have to manage your time very efficiently and probably make some sacrifices here and there. I think it would be good if you managed to find a way to get through it because once you're finished with the class and you've succeeded, it will help encourage you in the future because you were able to overcome challenging obstacles in the past. It will encourage you not to give up later down the road. I say that because if you are planning on going to college, I know college is even more difficult. So it is good experience. Even if you don't wind up going to college, it's still good experience. I guess you can consider this the inspirational part of my advice :P