I’m not sure what to do…


So I’ve been in love with my PE teacher since last year, now he is my teacher again, making me feel even more awkward around him. He always tells me I’m pretty or that he is in love with my hair. The other day, he called me into his office to look at this email. While I was doing so, he pulled my face close to his and stroked my cheek, then he placed his thumb over my lips. One of the other teachers knocked on the closed door, and then he told me “You should probably go”

Category: asked December 9, 2013

2 Answers

Assuming you're in high school, and he is an adult, I find this wrong, and I don't blame you for feeling awkward. I know you say you're in love with him, and I dont want to belittle your feelings of love, because fuck that. but that the fact that an adult educator, who is supposed to make you feel safe, and he flirts with you and gets very inappropriate with you, is very worrisome. If he really cared about you, he would tell you that he can't be with you because it is inappropriate, wrong, and that he can lose his job. I wouldn't trust him, and I would advise you to protect yourself, before he attempts to take advantage of you (not saying he will, but you're young, and he is in a position of power, and he might try especially with how he is acting towards you.)
I would report it. It's inappropriate for him to do those things. If he would do these things with you he would do it with another student.