I’m not sure what I should do in life


Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. After arriving home from school, I find myself just laying down on the couch and thinking about what I’m doing with my life. In a sense, I feel lost and confused because I’m scared that making the wrong move will be something I’ll regret. :I I’m not sure if I should choose a career that suits my hobbies, or if I should follow the path my parents expect of me. I don’t want to end up hating my job in the future, but then again I don’t want them to feel disgraced for having a daughter who wasn’t as good as her cousins. My family is pretty much full of success, and being the oldest daughter they expect me to be a surgeon or something – when in reality I just want to be a writer, or a painter! What do you think I should do? and if you’ve any experiences, do share! Thank you for reading.

Tags: asked February 28, 2014

2 Answers

I think you have to be realistic with your career.Go for a job you understand and could learn to enjoy.Once you're stable,and have something to fall back on,dabble in the job you want to do and then make a slow transition.That's what my cousin is doing,and she's touched success.She wants to be a writer but started out in the medical field.But she still took creative writing classes to develop her talents even further.I think you should do something like this.
Find some way to do both, maybe? Journalism is a great example, you can achieve and be successful by their standards and enjoy writing. If not, follow your own passion. At the end of the day, all you have when you die is what you've done with your life and your experiences. Can you imagine how awful it would be to look back and decide you wasted what time you have? Time that never comes back? Do what satisfies you, just make sure that it's not a passing phase. I was sure I wanted to be a philosopher when I was 17, now I'm finishing up a microbiology degree so I can become a trauma surgeon.