I’m not really sure what to think…


So 2 years ago I met this girl on Skype named Alix and ever since then I’ve had a HUGE crush on her…I tried asking her out at one point but it was weird cause I knew her for only 2 weeks at that point..I got a no but she thought the message was very adorable…also she is not a fan of long distance relationships (even tho she lives 3 hours away from me)

the next year we we’re just friends…we would flirt here and there but it was a in good fun…all tho I still had a tiny little crush on her..now the new year is here…and I’m not sure what to think right now..

we have been flirting and texting…allot..she’s talked about coming here to see me for a comic book convention in Chicago (C2E2), She calls me prince charming and I call her sleeping beauty, I bought here some red roses and chocolate dipped strawberries for valentines day along with a note, and I even asked her out again for a skype date as she wants to watch 50 shades of grey

how ever…there’s one other thing that happened on valentines day…

we had a drunken game night with two other friends of mine and she was very very very drunk…and we started texting..one of the texts she sent me said (word by word) “Right now…please…come fuck me”

words can’t describe the thoughts that ran through my head after that text…I can ask you guys one thing tho…..do you think she really meant it?..I mean it was a drunk text…not really sure if they mean it or not…she’s asked me for something similar twice when she was high…stuff like “cum smoke with me” or “I’m high and really horny…cum play with me?”

…now to be fair she did say something like that in the call we all had to all of us..something like “her body was ready for all of us” or something like that…but my two other friends didn’t really say anything..just laughed it off…

and the next day…she didn’t even bring up the text..

one night i brought up the high and horny text she told me as a joke but she seemed to of forgotten about it….and that’s one of my biggest fears..if someone texted me something while high or drunk and the next day they regret doing it…

so I don’t know what to do or think….I really really like this girl…some nights I think she has the same feelings for me and some nights it seems like it was too good to be true…I’m just confused, frustrated and depressed about the whole thing…

I’ve told her many many many times how i think she’s an amazing person and how beautiful she is (in my eyes she is the most beautiful woman int he world) and i just hope she’s got some sort of feelings for me as well…I just hope this isn’t too good to be true..

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I think we're more vulnerable to telling people what we really think of them when we're not sober. I'd say it's very possible that she has feelings towards you, but because she's not a fan of long-distance relationships, she isn't going to be very open about those feelings. Especially because she has made it evident that she's into you, while sober and while not sober.
It's also possible that she's playing games with you, playing hard-to-get and stringing you along. I know lots of girls that do that for their own entertainment, but if you're sure that she's not that kind of girl, then I'd say you should communicate with her about it. Ask her, straightforward, how she feels about you. If she tries to deny any romantic feelings, I'd bring up the texts that she has sent you. Don't push it on her, though. Just see if she can offer an explanation besides just not being sober.
Being high is veeeery different from being drunk, too. You're more aware of what you're feeling, you have more control of your body and what you decide to do, so if she's giving you similar signals under both influences, I'll restate what I said before- She has feelings for you.
I totally agree with Tam. Just be direct and ask her how she feels about you. If she doesn't give you a straightforward answer, like Tam said, she might be playing games. If that's the case then she's not worth the time. It can be pretty hurtful to hear her say things like "come fcuk me" and then she tells you it's a joke. it's not funny to mess with people's emotions.You can also entertain the idea of driving 3 hours to see her or asking her to meet halfway and seeing the response you get. A 3 hour is nothing and if she is interested, she will meet you.By the way, have fun at C2E2. Those conventions in Chicago are always entertaining :)