I’m lovesick. Any help?


I’m in love with this boy in my class. He likes me too, but he’s not used to these feelings, and my parents will never trust me if they know I like someone. He knows I like him. We are best friends, and madly flirting. I’d like some tips to up our courtship only the slightest bit.

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2 Answers

Follow your feelings and take it one step at a time. Take some time to get to know him better and hang out with him. It's okay for you to like someone. Your parents might be a bit worried, but it's normal to like someone. Also remember to be yourself.
Take it slow.

Your parents don't need to be already involved in this if you guys are still friends. If you want to involve them, do it slowly as well. Talk about what yo guys do together, tell them when you see him, tell them how great he is. At some point, they will be the ones teasing you because they see you like him.

As for him, as I understand it, you both know you like each other but you're used to this feeling so you're talking it slow. I don't see any problem in this. Get comfortable with each other, get closer and closer, and when the time is right, take his hand, kiss him (near the lips and not right on them if you still want to take it slow), put your head on his shoulder when you watch a movie or a great landscape (there must be a hill somewhere around from which you can get a great view). Be romantic, be sweet, be flirty. That's the best. And then, he'll just all come very naturally.