I’m Single and Don’t Know Why


Okay. All I need is for someone to explain to me exactly why I am basically the loner girl out of all of my friends. All of my friends have a boyfriend or girlfriend or at least someone they’re talking to. But me? Oh no not me. I mean I honestly don’t know why because I do take pride in myself and I’d average myself an 8 out of 10 which isn’t too bad in my opinion. I have all A’s, I play piano, I’m a pastor’s daughter, and I dress fashionably. I do everything right (most of the time) and I guess that’s just not enough. NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN ME. What have I done wrong? I don’t understand. Also, I have a friend that likes this guy that I will call “Billy”. So I had a crush on Billy for the longest and so one day I decided to tell him. Billy told me that he wasn’t ready for a relationship and that he wanted to be only friends with me anyways. So I excepted it and moved on. Later on, my friend that I will name “Stacey” comes along and I will be completely honest with you and giver her a rate of 7 out of 10. When I give rates, I include EVERYTHING not just looks. So long story short, he ends up asking her out and she tells me about how much she likes Billy and how they will dance together at her sweet 16 and I am still sitting over here, lonely, confused, and now hopeless. WHAT AM I FREAKING MISSING?! Please, someone tell me how I can get a boyfriend or at least make myself partially more attractive..

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2 Answers

Well nothing is wrong with you, even though I do not know you I can tell you that for sure. I am in the same position as you, the exact position. Now I don't rate myself but I will give you an outline of who I am and you judge. I have a college degree, I have a masters degree ( medicine. Engineering, law), I do not want to give out to much info but I belong to one of the named professions. I am a past Miss universe candidate, not contestant (like seriously). I do not believe in self praise and I consider my self average. Ike yourself I have a hard time finding a guy or at least gaining the interest of one. And I was in the EXACT situation as yourself. I was in love with a guy from high school and he turned out liking my friend I was so crushed. I was like what is wrong with me. I decided to ask the guy why he didn't like me (I am 28 by the way). Surprisingly he said that he was afraid of my personality I always looked so serious and he felt very intimidated. Other guys have told me that because of my background they believe I have a "type" meaning guys on my level. Basically most men are very intimidated by me. But then I am left to think so why do they find it easy to approach other women? That's it cause its just easier to approach other women cause they feel less intimidated and have a lesser fear for rejection. I also like this guy a lot who rejected me as weld after I told him I liked him. Years ago precisely three, I spoke to him and he told me that he did in fact like me but was afraid of getting hurt cause I may find another guy. So basically guys would like you but may not feel confident enough to say it to you. Others may even like you and reject you out of fear of being hurt. Its not you! How is your attitude? Are you serious? Too confident? Some men are repelled by that and prefer the more easy going girls. I am very serious and men are terrified to speak to me. They just watch and never talk. So there are guys that like you but may be too scared or intimidated to talk to you!
U may look out of their league plus boys/men dont like when girl is smarter, mentally stronger, better looking, makes more money and etc it makes them feel insecure and afraid of you leaving them. Top tear girls needs top tear boys. (coming from guys perspective)