Im in love with someone on here >.


i love jane and she doesnt love me and it makes me sad and i love her so much she is perfect and i dont know what to do please help. im sorry i had to post it as a question but im just being honest >.<

asked December 26, 2013

6 Answers

John It isnt really my fault im sorry. I don't know you in person and i think you are very sweet and nice to talk to, but i am gay.. also, i am not perfect.. i am far from. no one is really perfect.. it is sweet of you to think this way and to say these things to me but i really think maybe you could get involved with some more things where you live and meet more girls?also, i am quite a bit older then you.. i know that age doesnt matter to a certain extent but hey, if i have a sudden revelation that i am not gay and you are 18 by then, we can talk then. but i do know very strongly who i am and i am interested in being your friend, but nothing more..
You're very young so you've still got a lot to learn about relationships and love. Don't jump the gun with things involving love and relationships or you might just end up regretting it in the future. For now it's best to just to make friends with people and in the future when you're older, you can truly tell if you have feelings for them or not. =)
Do they knowyou love them
The Ripper, while you think you are funny, you are actually just being a douche to someone who is younger and is currently experiencing some emotional uncertainty. You just sent a post asking if a relationship over the internet is feasible, yet you have the gall to be this mean to someone who has done the same? Grow up please.
You are still young. Don't worry, there will be other people in your life who you will come to care for. I promise ;)
De-, wait for it, NIED!