I’m heart broken, study, have problems, can i be out of this?


I am an arab girl, i had my birthday yesterday and i now have 20 years old, o study medicine in italy, and i’m in love with an italian guy, who loves me also, but we have been talking about this for a while, and we have desided yesterday (yes my birthday), to not talk to one another anymore, and it’s because he wan’t my parents to know about us, but i can’t really tell them, they won’t allow me to see him, nope NO CHANCE.
In my opinion we should still see one another because even if my parent woldnt know about this, it’s probable that something else would happen between us in the next 5-6 years, i’m really sad because of what he decided to do, i can’t study well anymore, and i am in my session of exams, i have histology coming in a more than a week, and my parents aren’t doung that well with one another, please help me.

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Your parents would eventually find out and they would prevent you from seeing him. If you two continued on this relationship, it might end up hurting you both. So his decision to break all communication was what he believed best and shows that he really cares. If you wanted complete commitment, he's going to eventually have to see your parents, so then what? I understand that if your parents won't accept him, it isn't a good idea to present him, but then that can create tension as you go further into the relationship with this guy and that would eventually hurt the relationship. So all I can say is that time and acceptance of the situation will mend your heart--and it won't be an easy journey--unless you two can compromise--but I think his way might be the ultimate solution, especially if your parents wouldn't want him to be the love interest in your life (and it's hard to be just friends with someone you had such an emotional connection with). I'm really sorry about your situation and I hope all goes well for your future. Good luck :)