I’m having problems in school.


I’ll start by saying I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m in this thing we have called the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program. It requires me to take honors math and honors science classes throughout my high school career. However, this year I’m not doing too well, and I’ve realized my true passion is writing, reading, and creating things in graphic design. My parents are starting to realize this, and I’ve told them I want to drop the STEM Program. But the only reason I go to my current school is because I’m in the program (it’s a 30 mile drive to get there every morning). There is a school closer to home, and if I’m not in STEM I go there. But, having gone to Perry (my current school) for 2 years, I’ve made many good friends and they have a great LGBTQ community, which I’m a part of. If I go to Poston Butte (the new school) I leave them all behind. But if I go to Poston Butte, I can also take honors English, creative writing, and more creative classes that STEM wouldn’t allow. Half of me wants to stay at Perry, and half of me wants to leave Perry and go to Poston. My decision is also irreversible. What should I do?

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Back when I was in school, I had to make a decision as well. It was either keep doing what I was doing and stay with my friends or do what I actually wanted to do and start all over again. I chose the first and stayed. Now, a few years later I still regret that choice. I can't do the job I'dlo ve to do and those friendships watered. I'll always regret that I didn't follow my dream. I'm not saying your friendships would water like mine did, but think about it. It's about your future. Don't make the same mistake that I made.
where ever you want to go you should research over it thoroughly you wont get a satisfactry answer here for this but google you look intelligent you will find a way to find your path good luck
Do what your heart is telling you. If you're concerned about leaving people behind, well, if they truly care about you, they will work to continue to stay in your life and vice versa.