I’m going to my first concert tomorrow. What should I do?


Tomorrow I’ll go to my first concert ever. Of my favourite band and I’m so excited!! My problem is that I’m going with my dad to a different town and there I’ll meet with a boy and I’ll go to the concert with him and his 2 friends, because that’s not the kind of music my dad listens to and my friends from school either.
I’m feeling excited about the show, but I’m also feeling weird because of the boy… We have been talking for a couple of weeks via facebook and yesterday I call him for the first time. His voice is so cute. I’m very shy and I’m afraid about what we will think about me… What if he doesn’t like me? Or what if I get too shy tomorrow? xs
I also don’t know what to wear. It’s really could outside but I’m afraid it would be hot inthere…

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oooh what concert is it?? i remember my first concert and boy do i have some tips 1) stay hydrated 2) travel lightly there 3) don't really bother about the people around you, just have funit's normal to think about all this, just find one great thing (like maybe the band shirt you're going to wear) and focus on that. think that you're so cool and you're going to see this band live. LIKE REALLY IN FACE.HAVE FUN!
Hi Lenna - As a fellow shy person, I congratulate you for getting out there, meeting new people and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone! The best piece of advice I can give you is to be yourself - if you want to be quiet, that's perfectly fine - if you want to sing along and dance like a lunatic, that's fine, too! This boy will think whatever he wants to think, and your best chance of hitting things off is to just be yourself!

That being said, PLEASE be careful at the show. I don't know how old you are, or where this concert will be, but it's always good to be aware of your surroundings in a new place and around new people. Tell your father exactly where you will be and what time you will meet him. If you go somewhere other than the concert venue, let someone you trust know so that they know where to find you in an emergency. TRUST YOUR GUT - If something doesn't feel right, say so.

Most importantly, have fun! And wear layers - that way you can add or remove articles based on the temperature outside or inside :)
Hi guys :3 thank you for your advices! the concert was just fun and epic. i went to see Avenged Sevenfold featuring Five Finger Death Punch and Avatar. They were all so great! :D the boy with I went to the show was really nice and made me feel confirtable all night :) and I'm 17, by the way. thank you so much xoxo