I’m gay but there’s this girl which makes me question my orientation


I like this boy named William Bremner. I’ve liked him since I was in year 7. I’m now in year 10. My friend introduced me to this girl named Charlotte Rookes. I sent her a picture of me and she said I was cute. I asked for a picture of her and she is also attractive? What confuses me is that she is the only girl that I’ve felt attracted to. Literally no other girls! Not even celebrities. So… i’m not Bi because I don’t like any other girls but, i’m also not gay because i like a girl. Help? I don’t know what to do? Should I “face the music” and tell Will that I like him (even though he might not be gay)? Or should i try and have a relationship with Charlotte even though i’m having difficulty figuring out my orientation.


I have had a girlfriend before. I only did it to seem straight because my parents are homophobic and they would kick me out if they knew i was gay. But, it’s also weird because i haven’t told my parents that i’ve had a girlfriend. William has also had a girlfriend in the past, does that make him straight or maybe he’s just going through my situation as well?

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It's not sure to say if your friend is gay or not. If he's had a girlfriend, he's probably straight. Though there's always a chance that he's hiding that he's gay or that he's bi. It's okay if you like that girl. Maybe it's because she called you cute and maybe you would just like her as a close friend. You can always try to ask her out and see how that goes. If you feel like confessing your feelings to William, it's best to sit down with him somewhere where it's just the two of you. You also have to keep in mind that there's always the possibility that he might not feel the same way. Do what feels best for you.
Sexuality is incredibly fluid! Think about it like a dog person/cat person sort of thing. People will hate cats their whole lives but might just fall to pieces in love over a certain kitten. It doesn't mean they're not still a dog person. Some kittens just strike your fancy. It's okay. :)
I'm straight, but I've met girls that have made me question my orientation as well. I've never dated any of them. I don't know that if I had tried dating any of them that it would have worked out, but I do think that if its the right person you could be with them regardless of gender. Some people just really hit it off. Do what feels right. If your really curious about this girl you have a crush on then try talking to her a bit more. If it doesn't feel right maybe the two of you can just be friends. If you feel that you are gay then be gay. Love is about what makes you and your partner happy after all.
I honestly don't think your bi in general, but I do think you are bi just for that girl. If that makes sense, also if the guy you like has had a girlfriend in the past he is most probably not gay, and even if he was gay, he might not know you are gay too if you had a girlfriend in the past