I’m fat,and no matter what I’ve tried I cant get fit.What do I do?


I dont eat lunch on weekdays,and I dont have breakfast,but still I cant lose weight.What shall I do?

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Starving yourself won't make you fit, I know because I've been there. Instead of starving yourself you have to control how much you eat. Exercise daily whether it is just walking for 10 mins or running for 10 mins. I didn't do those hardcore exercising. Though I followed that and 3 months I was fit. But darling, love yourself. Whether you are fit or not, you are still beautiful.
When you don't eat enough food your body thinks it's because there isn't enough food and you are starving (ie. famine or food shortage) and it starts converting most of the food you eat into fat stores to try help you survive the "famine" rather than metabolising them straight into energy.
Eat a good amount of food provided its not McDonalds or fatty, oily foods. Eat lots of veggies and fruit and get outside, walk around for half an hour, ride a bike to work/school/uni.
Also when i say go for a walk, i don't mean wandering. I mean, go out and walk 2 or 3km in half an hour (fast walking). I go by the rule of: I should be breathing hard but able to keep up whatever I'm doing for 15 minutes at least.
Keep at it and remember that it's all just baby steps.
Also, you should watch out for diabetes. You might have it and dont know it. Also you might want to steer clear of starch. Starch is the main cause of people being overweight.
See not eating anything will not help. Wait loss is a long process, it depends on how much time you have been like that, accordingly you will require time, body will not change over night. First thing you need is to make a kind of time table, you have to eat but on time. You should exercise in morning and by in morning I mean 6-7 most, you have to start by 6-7 at least, the more before the better. Don't rush, you will observe anything in 2 days, you need to make a set time like weight yourself and then follow schedule and weight after a month. Don't see you weight again in between. Avoid too much oil food and sugar, aa proper diet is important but it doesn't mean that you have to starve. Eat normal food, wheat, grains kind of healthy stuffs is better, fruits too. Avoid junk food. You should exercise twice in a day. Morning excersice is really really important, I don't know what science is basically behind it but it is really important. Then don't eat anything after excersice for like an hour. Have breakfast around 10:30-11:00 am. Then don't eat anything till lunch time. When you have lunch, don't go to sleep or sit anywhere, either lay down but better will be walking for half an hour. Then excersice again in evening, excersice is very important and it's important what you do in it. You have to do some good ones don't go for the hardest yet. Also running is the best, it will impact quicker, running +push-ups should help you the most. They can be hard but once you will start then you have to increase the limit like first day do 5 push-ups or 10, then after 2 days increase it to 20 and go till 50(only if you can, 30 is also good but you will need at least around 30). I know it's frustrating and it's easy said then done but you can do this. I have said all this taking that you have free time like you are not going for school or college like during vacation. If you have school or something then you can adjust the schedule accordingly. :) there is no easy way but the the end you will appreciate the pain and the time given to it.. If you want to talk about anything, feel free to Pm me.
Most people are saying that starving yoursef will make you fat. The "starvation mode" thoery is complete crap. Our bodies are designed to go weeks without food. Instead of storing fat, your body actually burns fat when you don't eat (since your are not getting any nutrients the body has no choice but to use itself for energy).I'm not going to lie, starving yourself will cause to use to rapidly lose weight. HOWEVER, you need to remember that this is also going to completely destroy your body. If you arent getting the proper nutrition, your hair will become very brittle and thin, and possibly fall out, your nails with break, your periods will stop, you'll look and feel exhausted all the time, skin will become pale, cold hands and feet (circulation problems), depression.Please don't do this to yourself, I'm going through this right now and I don't want anyone else to have to experience it. Things like anorexia/and eating disorders are very controllung. once you start, its very hard to stop. Just be healthy. Exercise daily, eat more proteins, healthy carbs, fats, and more fruits and veggies. Its the best way to healthily lose weight.I hope all goes well and please dont be afraid to message me if you need to talk!Ariana
Dear, never stop eating. If you want to lose wight there's always a sulution. You can exercise daily and have a balanced diet, which will make you fit and make you feel good about yourself. Deprive yourself from eating will only make you more miserable and unhappy. And always remember, you're beautiful no matter your body shape.
Hey,Eating small portions regularly helps speed up your metabolism. Cut out fatty food from your diet and exercise daily. Muscle weighs more than fat. Use a tape measure to measure around your waist, butt, chest, thighs, and arms. Workout regularly for a 9 months to a year and then re-measure yourself.watch body positive videos and videos of people who have lost tons of weight. speak to people who were over weight but lost the weight.Losing weight and getting into shape is VERY hard, so it's normal to get frustrated.Do not take diet pills, they are dangerous and very bad for you and you won't get good results.