I’m emotionless.


I’m emotionless. I don’t feel anything for anyone or anything. I feel so ashamed of myself. I just want to be able to care and feel for people. I feel as though I’m a robot. A waste of a human being? What use is a heart and mind if I can’t feel a single thing emotionally? Is it possible for pain to destroy all other traces of life?
Any advice for me?

Category: Tags: asked December 27, 2013

2 Answers

So you lack empathy? It's common amongst people suffering from ASD. I wouldn't worry so much. Besides a heart is there to pump blood though your body, not to feel emotions.
I went through the same thing. for me, I think it was because of a terrible break up but it took a while before I felt happy again. I think it was when I got over my ex and started hanging out with a lot of my friends. it does suck and i'm sorry you're going through that. try to do things that you like to do like eat out at your favorite restaurant, hang out with old friends, watch a movie you liked as a child. they may help.