I’m a 27 yo programmer and I feel too old


Hi, I’m 27, I’m really passionate about coding and programming but I feel real depressed about my age. I always think that I’m too old to be a programmer. Can you tell me your situation and share some advice with me?

Thank you :-)

Category: asked October 11, 2015

6 Answers

Old? Not at all, you're not even 30, you're young. There are people who enter university/college at this time and start studying, so if you want to do that and become a programmer, go do it! Don't let age stop you from making your dreams come true.
I have honestly never heard of being too old to become a programmer. Age isn't a factor of being a programmer (or many other occupations for that matter) unless you make it one.
As a 33 year old programmer, I've learned that your value only goes up with age and experience to a lot businesses. Yes, getting old sucks, but that's true no matter what, and happens to every human being.Work on playing your cards right and sell what you have to offer, hard. Your life is your own, and not defined by your career or your age. It's just a moment in time like all the others.
Hobbyist programmer here, eventually you'll be some kind of elder god programmer like Richard Stallman.
33, working in IT!. Age is not the issue here, note even the type of people you work with. My years of experience has made it absolutely clear that people in their late 20s are the best people to work with. They understand things better, their core concepts and foundations are strong and they are genuinely interested.You're doing good. Keep doing good.
Who told you that there's age limitations for programmers? Even when turned 60 you can continue coding, it is a matter of your own choosing, while expectations and thoughts of young IT graduates should not really bother you. However if they really do, than consider finding an online programming service, where all team members would be equal, here's a review of Assignment Core company, one among many places where you can feel free from social biases. Experts there are helping students with their coding homework. I think that would be an interesting experience for you.