I’m 14 and FtM, my mom wont except me


Basically I tried talking to my mom about me feeling uncomfortable and I how I’d like her to know that im not a chick and all that and SHE WENT CRAZY… she yelled and told me a bunch of stereotypes and how ” YOU WHERE BORN A GIRL AND DAMNIT JAZMEN THATS WHAT YOU’LL BE” -.- (it was a bit more cursing and stuff but yeah) I figure I caught her on a bad night and tried again.. same reaction. So now she’s getting married to my step dad and she wants me to wear a dress and all that.. I can’t do it, im the reason she won’t go to church because I won’t wear a dress. I don’t know how to get her to understand that im not a little girl but a growing boy, how can I do it?????????

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Sometimes we have to compromise to make our family happy, even if it doesn't feel right for us. You say you can't wear a dress, does that cause you any sort of psychological pain (panic, etc..) or you don't want to do it to prove a point?My grandmother is religious, while I'm not. I only see her every two years, but when I do and she wants me to watch mass on TV with her on Sunday, I do. I do because I love her, because sometimes one has to be a bit selfless for their loved ones.As for her rejection of you, unfortunately that's something many parents aren't ready to accept and she might take some time to come around. But hopefully she will, with time.