im 13 and pregnant


hi my name is defne i live in turkey and I’m a pregnant 13 year old. i know its a wrong thing to do at such a young age but i trust my boyfriend and guarantee he would support me at anything i do. so here’s the big deal; abortion is illegal in this country even with parents. i can’t tell my parents about this because they would kill me before i do it myself. my boyfriend and i; we love each other and we date for a year so we decided it not him, it was us. i can’t really tell my parents that I’m pregnant i know it may seem the only solution but there have to be something else but i don’t know what, thats why I’m here so please help me i don’t know what to do I’m hopeless i want to kill myself but i know thats not the solution. please,I’m begging for help. thank you.

Category: asked August 11, 2015

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i know it won't solve anything but what am i going to do? theres nothing left to do
I know things might seem tough right now, but i need you to hang in there, because things WILL get better. Fist off, I really think you need to talk to your parents. Yes, they may be mad or angry, but you are carrying a life inside of you and you need to think about the best options for both of you. If you don't want to go to them first, try telling an older sibling or teacher or aunt/uncle and see what they say and then tell your parents. Taking your life is not the answer. You are loved and wanted in this world. Seeing a therapist might be a good idea just to help because you are taking on a lot of responsibility at a young age.
please dont kill urself. talk to ur bf and ur sibling or someone.. if u r close to ur mom tell her.. it will be unpleasant but it will pass.. be strong for the life inside of you. meanwhile we r always here for u
are your parents the kind that would actually kill you because of something like this? i'm from a country who wouldn't accept it either. so do u think they would be just madly angry , or actually burry u because of shame and all?
I can't help much but do not kill urself. It went solve anything....if it helps whenever u have suicide thoughts think of the unborn baby who would die too.
If you want to privately message me i think i could help you out! i hope you see this