If he goes to jail, what should I do?


I’m just asking for advice here. My boyfriend is going to court tomorrow, for his first charge. Most sources point to him getting off, and getting community service, or parole.

( First offense after 18, bail was posted, no parole officers to call, no police checking in, no house arrest, he’s allowed to wander about his town, alone)

I’m pretty optimistic myself, but if he goes to jail, what should I do?

I won’t leave him over this, but how would I be able to keep my relationship going with him?

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1 Answer

First, you didn't give much information, and I understand its personal.

Second, make sure you are okay first and safe.

Finally, if you love him. I mean really love him. Then there is nothing that can come between you and him. Whether it is jail time or a mistake he made.

The most important part is that if you both are walking in the right direction, you can overcome ANYTHING!

I hope everything works out for him! I will keep him in my prayers!

Best of luck!