I will start studying Architecture, to be ready for what?


This October I will start studying Architecture. Will it be hard and difficult?
Is Architecture nice to be studied?

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Hi John! as my grandfather used to say : "Do whatever job you want, but every succes will need all your heart, mind and strength" I don't know if it's a nice career, but I once wanted to be a architect! :) I made agronomy instead (I'm satisfied with that! :) ). Something else... even if at the end you don't want to be an architect, you'll have still learned invaluable things that will serve you in other jobs and areas of life. :)
An Architecture degree is definitely not the easiest degree, though it does depend on what you are good at and like doing, especially the "like doing" part. Your major should be something that you can be happy doing a lot of and learning a lot about. You most likely will have to take higher level math such as Calculus as well as basic art classes and architecture history. Don't be afraid of changing your major, if you feel like the one you are in is not for you. Experiment. Take a class just because it sounds interesting. I've heard that the average college freshman changes his or her major two or three times during their college career. Also, don't be afraid to talk to your professors, TAs and advisors. They are all there for you. Study hard and have fun!