I want to stop.


I asked a question about a week ago, about whether I could be pregnant. The comments said no, and I guess they’re right. I’ve had my period twice, regularly, since the day I thought the sperm came in contact with my vagina.
I’ve never had sex.
But ever since then, I’ve been more paranoid than ever. Despite the fact I’ve had no signs of pregnancy, I can’t stop thinking “what if I am?”
I feel like I’ve gone crazy. My stomach feels bloated, as if it’s growing, but I’ve lost weight so I know it’s not actually growing. It’s like I’m imagining things and I feel so stupid for this.
How can I stop worrying so much?

Category: asked March 3, 2015

3 Answers

These are mind tricks (: When you start to believe something you think you see symptoms (stomach bloated, for example) If you've had your period you're not pregnant. Vaginas have some kind of substance that automatically kills a lot of sperm. So, if the penis was not inside of you and the sperm didn't shoot up directly into you, then all traces of sperm are dead by now. You're not pregnant! Just relax and breathe. Everything is ok!! Be careful!
If you really can not get your mind off of it I would take another pregnancy test to show yourself that it is negative. It is just another way to help convince your brain that you are not if you can't get your mind of it alone. Good luck!:)
Find a better way to relax. Try fishing, or painting, whatever tickles your fancy, yo.