I want to get in contact with my half brother


Im 24 years old and have never met my biological father. He never wanted anything to do with me, and not meeting him ever is something I’ve come to accept. However, having an entire side of my family that i’ve never met who don’t bother with me at all is rather difficult. Plus, a year after I was born he had a son. He might have other kids too, but I know for sure that my brother exists. I even found his Facebook, but I am nervous to try and contact him. I an pretty positive that he doesn’t know that I exist, and I don’t know if he will want anything to do with me, or if he will reject me like the rest of the family has (I unsuccessfully tried to contact my grandmother a few years ago, she got the message and ignored it). I also worry about causing problems with him and his family, even though the fact that I exist isn’t exactly my fault. I just don’t want to grow old and regret not even trying to meet my brother. Basically I just want to know if this is even a good idea for me to move forward with, and if I do decide to do so, what’s the best way to go about it?

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You're right in thinking you'll regret it later. I know it's terrifying making the first step but you've got nothing to lose, right? It's all on a computer so you don't need to meet him face-to-face unless you both felt comfortable enough.
You might not have that chance to reach out forever - while the opportunity is there you should go for it. Good luck!