i want to dye my hair


I want to dye my hair but the problem is that my skin is exotic http://www.liberaliser.biz/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/todays-article-all-about-skin-tones-158882.jpg in this page for example, and i dont what colour should i dye it, plus i have short hair, bob haircut with fringe and i dont know if i really should dye it or leaving it in my original colour (brown) what should i do? tell me colours or ideas please!

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2 Answers

I am in the same boat as you.My skin is olive and trying to get anything to compliment my skin is pretty difficult. I am actually going for an ombre blonde hair color in the fall. I honestly think you should try https://www.esalon.com....It would give you a great selection as to what will flatter you. Good Luck :3
You might like going more of an auburn red or mahogany brown. You could also add in light brown or blonde highlights or do an ombre if you're planning on growing it out.