i want someone to help me. should i not wear braceletsbtomorrow and let my scars show?


i have selfharmed the past four months and no one has noticed yet

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Cutting is a very difficult thing to approach someone about. Most people do not understand the reasons why some may do that. They may be shocked about why you're doing it if you act like nothing is wrong and then all of the sudden you did that or they may not know what to say because selfharm is a very personal thing. I for one did NOT want ANYONE to see my scars. I was hurting so bad inside that I didn't want to be questioned about why I did what I did. If you need someone to help you, there are other ways other than harm that you could do. Most people steer clear of invading a touchy subject like this. The only way to get help is to ask for it I've learned. Cutting for me was just a way to end it all right then and there until I was confident enough to seek help. Please, ask for help rather than doing something that could go seriously wrong! Infections, SCARS, and everything like that are permanent, but getting help can relieve the problem you are facing which is only temporary. I am 24 with scars everywhere and I get nervous if people even see them because I don't want to be questioned. You can always talk to any of us on here or confide in a friend where you are, but please ask for help! People have a bad stereotype about why people do this and if it really is a cry for help, then the best thing you can do for yourself is ask for it! Best of luck hun <3
I'm wondering if no one has noticed of if no one has felt comfortable enough to ask you about it. But, are your actions of self harm out of attention seeking? This post reads very much like a cry for help.
I think you should ask yourself, why are you cutting yourself, and why would you want people to know? If you leave off the bracelets and people see the scars, it can cause some people to respond negatively, perhaps due to immaturity. I don't want to see you get hurt more then you obviously already are. Rather then show your scars at school and risk being bullied or not receiving the love you need to help you through this, I'd suggest you listen to poster number 1, and please get help, ask for help. Professional help is more important then if your friends or acquaintances know. If your school has a counselor please go to them, if not, please see if your town has free counseling. Do you feel you cannot go to your parents with this? Please stop hurting yourself. Keep a journal and write down everytime something happens that makes you want to self harm and see what your triggers are, and try to raise your awareness so you are proactively trying to get the help you need rather then reacting to situations by self harming. Good luck my dear, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.