I told my family I don’t want anything for Christmas


I told my parents I don’t want anything for Christmas. I would much rather have the money. I’m trying to save up to go to London next summer to attend a couple of theatre workshops/short courses. I haven’t even mentioned that to them yet because I know they would be against it. I’m 20 years old so it’s not like I need their permission, I just need the money saved up.
I told them several times that I don’t want anything, specifically a laptop. After at least ten times of my dad asking me if I wanted a laptop and me saying no each time, they still bought it. (Yes I sneak to look at my Christmas presents for several reasons, and this is one of those times).
I understand why they bought it. They’re the kind of people who show their love or “love” by buying you things. My dad also grew up poor so now that he has a good paying job he likes to buy expensive things that we don’t need.
I just don’t know what to do. I expressed again that I don’t want a new laptop even though I could really use one again after they bought it before I knew they did. I’m hoping they’ll return it, but I highly doubt it. I’d feel awful asking them to return it after Christmas, but I really don’t want or need it. I need the money.

Category: asked December 16, 2014

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If they show love by buying things I suggest that when they ask what you want say things they can buy that you want and need. explain to them what the ticket is for, maybe you can all come to an agreement and they will accept it? Good luck