I Thought Things Were Finally Starting to Come Together


Alright, so for the past year or so, I’ve been dealing with some SERIOUS depression. It was so severe that I considered suicide multiple times a day, never wanted to talk to anyone (including my family), and I just completely loathed life itself.
Well, since i moved to my new school (I’m a senior) things have really gotten so much better.
I’ve finally overcome my depression without any type of medication or regular counselling, and my family hasn’t seen any signs of my bipolar disorder in a long time. I feel great.
I’ve finally started to get out there. I’ve made a lot of close friends, and I’ve been living like a normal teenager for once.
Well, getting to the main problem. I met this guy- Nick. My friend (one of his best friends) introduced me to him. We instantly hit it off, but we aren’t dating. I don’t know what it is, we act like a couple but I preferred if we stay friends and see where things go in the future.
Okay, here’s the REAL problem- I may be pregnant.
we had unprotected sex twice, and both times it was too late before i noticed that he wasn’t using protection….stupid me, I know. The first time was eight days ago (last Friday) and the most recent time was three days ago (Wednesday).
The symptoms aren’t obvious yet. But me being so paranoid about being pregnant, I did some serious research.
I’m going to take a pregnancy test in about a week. I’m just not sure what to do about Nick. He’s your typical guy- loves sports, being with his buddies, and he’s just a really carefree spirit.
I don’t want to ruin that for him, assuming I AM pregnant. And again, we’re only friends. I just don’t know what I should do! should I tell him?
I considered getting an abortion and just not telling him about anything. I don’t want to worry him.
Help? Thanks guys, so much!

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3 Answers

Hello there! I think you should wait until you do the test before you worry too much about it. Of course the topic is on your mind most of the time and it might help to talk to a person you trust (for me, it would be my mother but it can be anyone you want, really). I can understand that you might not want to tell Nick, but I think he should know in case the test is positive. You'll be able to discuss the situation and you can hear his part of the story. Anyway, in case you should be pregnant and want an abortion, I would definitely advise to talk to a trusted person AND somebody from counselling (I don't know where you're from but here you actually have to have an counselling appointment before you can get an abortion). I hope that everything works out for you <3
Think you will know when you get your results from pregnancy test whether you would want to have a baby or not, thats if it is positive. If your feelings are strong about not wanting it then i would still talk and let domeone close you know about it. so thry can support you with aborting it. But if u want it i would let nick know, but also talk to someone close you know aswell because you will have to be prepared for maybe bringing the baby up on your own with family and friendds im sure would help too though. but dont worry take thinks step by step, you can make any decision you want to, there are no wrong choices ad long as you do what you want to do. dont let people make you think otherwise
I personally think abortion is wrong, but however, I suggest you get someone to support you, like family, etc. and tell nick, if he doesn't want to take care of it, there is nothing you can do, however, maybe if you like something, like a passion, you can practice that and use it to support yourself and the baby