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I think I should give up here


my last question explains everything that’s been going on in my life lately…if you wanna quickly read threw it here’s a link…


long story shot…I like girl…pretty sure she liked me…flirted allot…I wanna be with her…not a fan of LDR…and I should have told her how i felt…EVERYONE tells me I needed to be straight up with her… and I really wanted to but I wanted to wait for the right moment…looks liek that was a big mistake…cause I don’t think she’s interested anymore…

lately she doesn’t really responded to me anymore…and jokes about how I flirt with her instead of playing around…like this one time on skype I said something about her beauty and my friend matt said “oh can you two get a room?” and she goes…”he tries matty…he really does”….WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!!!!

yesterday all we had was just a friendly chat…barely flirted or anything like that…she even went on a blind date last night…even tho she said she hated it …that was the moment where i lost all hope…

now allot of people are telling me I needed to flat out tell her how I felt about her…there’s one reason why I didn’t..I thought she figured it out…I mean with the strawberries i bought her twice (once for valentines day, the other as a drunken buy. I didn’t mean to buy it) with the cheesy notes…the amount of times I text her…the amount of times i flirted with her…I thought she would figure it out herself….I mean she’s a very smart girl……I even asked her out on a date…come on she has to know right?…

so I’m lost her…I did allot of drinking last night and I feel like giving up here….she deserves much better than me..thoughts?

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I think you should act like a man and be brave. Write down a message for her like you'll never spoke to her again ... write every think you have on your heart. Be honest with yourself and with her..and then send it without no expectation from her to sent you back an response. This will give you the release of regrets... There are more possibilities how he may react and from his kind of reaction you can find the truth behind his motivation..if she has feelings for you she will admit it, if he has just playing with you she will hesitate to give you an proper response. One think i can surely tell you..girls like to play with vulnerable guys but nothing more. they really like tough guys which play with her feeling.