I think I might have autism?


I’ve always had some obvious “autistic tendencies,” but they were brushed off because I did fine in school and didn’t appear to be too badly off socially. As I’ve gotten older and been forced into more and more unfamiliar (and therefore uncomfortable) situations, I’ve looked into the possibility that I may have Asperger’s or some other kind of autism. As I’ve researched, I found out that it’s generally harder to diagnose female autistics because they’re better mimics and more likely to try and blend in, and female autistics exhibit symptoms differently. Here’s some of the reasons I think I might be autistic:
I get extremely stressed out and confused in crowds, occasionally exhibiting panic-attack-like symptoms.
I feel lost and confused when certain things don’t happen.
I have very few close friends, and those close friends I have are not neurotypical.
I have to do math with a certain pencil or I can focus and get angry.
I tend to have pet research projects that I research exhaustively until I get bored with it, then I find a new thing.
I have a lot more feelings than I can express. I feel a lot and deeply, but I don’t know how to communicate them.
I am very sensitive to sounds. If a teacher leaves the sound system on, I can’t focus because of the static that comes from it, car horns/motorcycles scare me, etc.
I am very close to my dog and consider her my best friend, above any humans I know.
I am touch sensitive. If someone hugs me without warning or permission, I tense up and turn cold. I avoid certain types of clothing and I go without shoes whenever possible.
I can’t eat certain foods because the texture is wrong. I feel betrayed by fries because they look crispy, but they’re not.
I hate the common greeting “How are you?” “Good,” because it’s so insincere. I don’t want to say i’m good if I’m not, but people don’t want to hear my problems, they want to hear me say I’m good. If they don’t honestly care, they shouldn’t ask.
I love the taste of certain words and collect my favorites.
When excited, I squish my face and jump up and down involuntarily.
I also get occasional bouts of melancholy that last a couple hours, then I’m back to normal.
I HATE small talk.
When talking to people, I have trouble gauging how much I’m expected to share, and if I’m comfortable enough, I’ll just talk without letting anyone get a word in edgewise.
I read to escape unpleasant realities. And when I read, I will get angry when interrupted.
… So there’s a list. It doesn’t cover everything, and some symptoms aren’t specific to Asperger’s or autism in general, but I think that, taken all together, it suggests that I have autism. Any thoughts?

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You do show symptoms of autism, however I don't really think it's the best idea to self diagnose. Though the internet may provide a list of symptoms, those are typical and can't always be exact. It's likely best to consult a licensed professional about whether or not you have autism. It's best to be tested and know for sure than just assume that you may have it.
I would go for a full-on evaluation from a professional. these symptoms you have can come from several different issues, and not just Autism. There are tests that go over your entire mental health, and though they are not free (unless prescribed by a doctor), they are well worth it if you have concerns! the internet, or any quizzes you might take, it not the place to go.
I don't know what disorder you might have, but you sound like an absolutely delightful person. Half of those seem pretty normal to me.
I, too, have felt betrayed by fries...
My guess is that you probably do not have autism.
The internet can be very helpful in many regards. But it can be trouble when trying to diagnose yourself with a medical condition. I know this from experience. I researched all my symptoms. The prognosis from the internet was troubling. When I finally scheduled an appointment with my DR, he scheduled many tests. The result was that all the symptoms went away after a simple change in my diet. And I had become overly concerned about a troubling disease by visiting the medical websites.
You certainly have some peculiarities, but you appear to be functioning extremely well based upon your ability to write. See your doctor and bring up your concerns. But try not to worry about it. Because the worry can add even more symptoms that will fit an internet diagnosis.
I would agree with BillsBrother, I also thought maybe I had autism but a lot of the symptoms are also characteristic of an introvert with some social anxiety. If you're concerned, try this test http://adultautism.us/free-autism-screening-tool/ just be aware introverts score high on it as well. If you're concerned, you could also think about seeing a psychologist who can actually diagnose an autism spectrum disorder.
I have a friend with Asperger’s and I'm sorry to say it is far beyond what you have, of course I don't know the full story but I remember I thought I used to have it and when I met him I was extremely embarased for even thinking it. I have tons of symptoms in common with you also I don't speak very much and when I do is about very weird topics and I don't realise they are weird for them. But I investigated a bit and realise these conditions are a way of being with the difficulties and advantages it comes with, just like any other person, everyone has their brain and every brain is different so if you have it or not it really doesn't matter because the only thing that matters is your will to overcome those small things to make life easier.
Did you copy and paste this list? I swear I've read it before somewhere. If you think you have autism, go to your GP who may or may not refer you to psych & then onto a psychologist from there. Self diagnosing off the internet is stressful and provides no answers at the end of the day.
I agree with mary kate, it might be better to go and get yourself tested at a psychologists office to see if you really have it. I have gone to one and found out that I have aspergers.