i think i might be a lesbian hELP


ok so… i have been questioning my sexuality a lot recently because i realized i might like girls. ( i am a 14 year old female in highschool )
i have never found guys physically/sexually attractive and i just never really thought about it idk
but ive always found girls physically and sexually attractive and always stared at their chests and stuff ( i know thats pretty awkward im sorry !!! ) but i never really thought about it muvh, ya know? i just always like stared at girls like that and all before i even knew what sexuality was
ive jyst always found girls bodies more attractive and never guys like ??
and if like a female celebrities pics were leaked i would kinda be on the lookout for them ( im SORRY ) and if guys were and i came across them i would like scroll past them bc guys bodies gross me out a lot lol
also like when i hug guys i feel nothing and when i hug girls i feel that tingly feeling ya knoww ( or when i touch them at all lol like holding hands in that girl best friend way )
and no ive never kissed anyone so idk how i feel about girls and guys there
also i find myself touvhing my friends (girls) more often like just their shoulders or grabbing their arms (??? ) and if a guy like pats me on the head or like bumps into me on accident i just feel annoyed like ??
oh and also ive never been able to tell if a guy was “hot” or “sexy” or anything when my friends are like OMG HES HOT so i would just laugh ir agree because i have no idea ???
and i dont like girly things like painting nails, curling hair, wearing dresses/skirts, bc honestly it makes me feel gross in a way ( ??? ) if this part is of any input
ok and heres the part where youd just be like yes ur gay
buut once i liked a guy ?? i never found him attractive physically in any way i just really liked his personality and i was always nervous around him ?? but once i hugged him and felt nothing
and im asking this part about the guy because i know sexuality is more than just physical/sexual attraction (i think ?? )
and i have felt that nervous feeling around a few girls (so i maybe liked them i guess ?? ) but not like as bad as this guy that i liked once
IDK maybe it happened because i thought i was straight and all .., idk… ive been raised in a christian home where my parents have always taught me that being homosexual was a made up thing and something people use to defy against god…
ok im sorry this is so long and i have such bad grammar and all the question marks and me using the word “like” because i just dont know how to express these feelings
anyways please help… am i homosexual ??

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3 Answers

Honestly, it could be. You seem to be physically attracted to girls (though noticing other girls bodies doesn't necessarily mean you're homosexual. I notice girls' bodies all the time even though I'm straight. I'm usually just mentally comparing theirs to mine cuz I have dysmorphia.) Anyway, maybe you're bisexual but prefer girls. It's not a bad thing to be homosexual; I'm Jewish and I heard that homosexuals are allowed to kiss according to Jewish law. It might feel like you're going against God by being homosexual, but its a normal thing. Just like you can't control which family you're born to, you can't control which gender you like.
It does sound like you could be a lesbian, but you might as well be bisexual. Within time and with experience, you'll be able to know what you feel most comfortable with.
Ah, you're just like I was. When I was 14 it started to hit me that I might only like girls...I have always rejected guys and I started dating females...well after taking a deep time to think about it, I realized that I liked both guys and girls. That's how I was for sure bisexual. It's nothing to be ashamed of. In this day and age coming out is nothing, so of course seeing a gay/lesbian couple is somewhat normal. I'm sure it'll sort itself out eventually. If you ever need any help, feel free to message me!