I think I have social anxiety


I have been this way as long as I can remember, from when I didn’t speak at all in kindergarten to now when I was absolutely terrified to go up to the front of my classroom to get my printed papers, worried that I looked stupid in front of everyone if I couldn’t find the stapler or something. I’m constantly shaky when I’m in public or at school. The only place I’m completely at ease is at my own house. I’m even scared talking to the parents of someone I’ve been friends with for almost ten years. When I’m in these situations I am extremely sweaty. I mean very very sweaty. Before I knew what social anxiety was, I thought I was just a sweaty person. But I only sweat in social situations. I also refrain from talking in case I accidentally say something stupid and when I do I get angry at myself. I’d rather be hit by a bus than do class presentations or work in groups with people I don’t know. I never ever raise my hand but sometimes my teachers call on me regardless which just makes everything worse. Sometimes I can actually feel my leg muscles tensing up with how nervous I am and I can feel myself blushing. Sometimes my stomach hurts. Just thinking about situations I normally get anxious in (walking into school, walking up in front of the class, talking to people I don’t know well, presentations, answering questions in class, going to the store, basically every situation that people I don’t know can see me) makes me a little nervous. This whole thing is weird though because I don’t know anything else. It’s crazy to think there are people who can speak up in class or sing in front of people or whatever without a problem. One last thing: I think I may have had a panic attack twice. The first time I was standing in a crowded room and suddenly I felt nauseous. My heart was pounding, I was sweaty to the point where it left marks on my seat, I was shaking and I had an overwhelming fear of something (I’m not sure why). I left school early and went home but all of the symptoms were gone about an hour or two after they first started. Also I was sitting alone in my bedroom when I became overwhelmed with an irrational fear that my best friend was dead or that something bad happened to her. For 5 minutes I’d be crying and shaking and having many of the symptoms I’ve explained before and the next I’d be fine, trying to calm myself down. This went on and off for about an hour. Are there any diagnosed people that can tell me if their experiences are similar? Also, any ideas on how to tell my parents I think I have social anxiety?

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Yes. Sit down, 'Mom' , 'Dad' I have trouble concentrating and feeling safe to the point that is keeping me from doing 'regular' things & being with people. I need to see a doctor. It's social anxiety, but it requires help or it could ruin my future. Say that to them! Alprazolam & Clonazopam, and time learning what med * how much of it will take saying if you're "there" or not.. and you'll know. As your mind and body begin to relearn happiness,, self-control, and relaxed sense, while in public... as the brain & body learn this, you'll find yourself able to go down lower in dosage. There are also natural organic botanicals that in a dosage can help this as well as sleep problems, stress. pain & more. I understand your situation. Please let me know, okay>HUG! Suzanna