I think I have anxiety? How to see a doctor?


Whenever I have to confront someone I get so nervous and I feel sick to my stomach like I’m going to throw up. When someone is mad at me I feel so nauseous I could throw up. Anytime I feel that someone has negative thoughts about me I want to run away from the world and I just feel so sick. Is this anxiety? I am constantly feeling down on myself for having a psych degree and for two years I am working at a drug store with no job prospects. I’m so tired of getting rejection emails and I was denied from grad school twice. I’m so down on myself about it I feel like a failure which also makes me super nauseous. How do I start to even talk to a doctor about this? I also am terrified of the dark to the point where I cannot sleep at night and it’s really affecting me. I used to see a counselor when I needed add meds but our visits were super short and everything seemed fine. Basically I cannot use my own education in psychology to diagnose myself lol. My question is does it sound like I have social anxiety and if so how do I even go about talking to my doctor about this last time I saw her everything was fine and that was 2 years ago.
Also as an extra thing with the confronting people, I am always a doormat to a lot of people and I’m tired of it but everytime I speak up when someone offends me I end up apologizing and they don’t. It makes me feel awful inside which is why I just stop confronting people. Recently I confronted this “friend” about something which basically we both were at fault but she did not apologize even though I did and it’s eating me inside I just feel awful about it. I really feel like I have social anxiety??? Or what???

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It sounds like are bothered by what's going on right now -- regardless of whether it's a clinical diagnosis or not. In my mind, that definitely warrants a visit for your doc. You did a great job of articulating your feelings here -- do that with your doc! If it seems nerve-wracking to start that conversation, you could try printing off what you wrote and just bringing that in with you as a conversation starter. ...And don't be hard on yourself about finding a job! Right now, that says more about the economy than about you :)
Hi there. It sounds like you're in a tough position! I recently graduated and job opportunities weren't popping up for me either. Try to look into speaking with a school counselor. Most schools provide help for students and alumni. Now, when you go to your doctor, expect that they may send you to a psychologist or psychiatrist. You probably know this, but where I'm going with it is to start off slow and general. It can be overwhelming to tell your whole, detailed situation and be told that they will send you to someone else who will have to hear the story again. I'm also not sure what to make out of the confrontations. It sounds like you have a lot of them? If you do, I don't want to say they're your fault, but did you contribute? If they don't happen as often as I interpreted, then forget what I said. It's stupid that people don't apologize either. You can't apologize by taking the blame though. Again, I don't know what you do. Either way those people aren't your friends. In the meantime, look to the people you do know are on your side. Lastly, don't worry about your doctor. A lot can happen in two years! They don't expect perfection this time because there was nothing wrong last time! Take it easy. All the best etc.