I self-harm and need to hide that


First, let me tell you that I’m french so I’m really sorry for my mistakes in english.
Here’s my problem: I self-harm, so I have scars on my left arm, and of course my parents don’t know. But the things is that I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow or on saturday, because I’m really tired, I’m loosing my hair etc… but I think he will ask me to take off my shirt so he is going to see my scars, and I can’t tell him “this is just my cat”, he won’t believe me… but I don’t want him to tell my parents or a psychologist or someone like that… I’d like to hide my scars but I don’t know how to do… please help, if my parents discovered that, they won’t understand and will think I am mad…

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Thank you so much! I know that in France, doctor are not allowed to tell the parents if you don't want. But the things is that, maybe it would be better if someone knew, but I don't want my parents to know. I almost feel like they don't "deserve" to know, because I seriously think they wouldn't understand. I told a friend what I've been through, but I didn't tell her that I am still self-harming. But maybe it's a good thing if my doctor discovered because maybe we'll talk about it and that will be a good thing.
Wouldn't it be beneficial if someone knew? Anyone who cares about you wouldn't think you were crazy, they could just be concerned for your well-being. Freedom from pain is not found in harming oneself- freedom from pain is healing and learning to cope positively.
Thank you for replying me. Having a parent answer helps me a lot. The thing is: I'm 16, and in Junior school (in France is from 10 years old to 14), I got bullied, and I had the worst time of my life. It had already happen in Elementary school, some children beat me, but I was often lying to my parents for stupid stuff, so when I told them about what was happening at school, they didn't believed me. Same thing in Junior School, but worst. I started self-harmed and tried to commit suicide. My parents never knew. Two guys saved me: first Nick Jonas, who gave me the passion of singing, and Liam Payne, who made me believe in myself. Recently, I wrote a song about it, even saying "you made my scars disappear", but my mum didn't understand.. she find my song stupid... That's why I think my parents wouldn't understand: they don't know me, they don't know my story. But you're right, the doctor isn't suppose to talk to my parents if I don't want to. I'll try to think about that. Thank you so much! You really helped!