I really need a female to talk to about something and its bothering me alot


I am a very lonely person and im used to that for many years (basically all my life) and lately ive been hurting myself and all my friends are useless cause they make fun of me for being depressed and self loathing, so i want a girlfiend who i can talk to and be open and honest with but every girl i try to be close and open up with just rejects me and makes me feel even worse…. its quite pathetic, cause i always thought i was a good looking, nice, mature and repectful guy but thats not what girls want it seems….im not even looking for a relationship just some compassion and someone who actually cares about the massive load of bullshit i am dealing adn struggling with

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Gee, I wonder why they are rejecting you.. surely it cannot be because of all the negative things youve just posted. A girlfriend is someone you can have a good time with and make pleasant memories with, and associating yourself with her good feelings especially in the beginning of the Interaction or at yalls first date. Im not saying that there will never be down times and it will always be easy, but what youre asking for is a therapist. A girlfriend doesn't want to hear about your every single problem that you have. That's what friends and professional people are for. You need to work on yourself on love yourself before you can move on to loving other people man. If you don't know how to love yourself, then how will you be able to love other people?