I need support for tomorrow :/


I lost my boyfriend two years ago. Tomorrow would have been his 20th birthday. Is anybody open to chatting throughout the day just to help me along? I have text (us) or skype.

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2 Answers

Little bit late but just remember he will always be in your heart and will help out in hard times

I too have only just seen this question but I hope and pray that you found someone to talk to on that day and that you are doing as okay as you can in such a difficult situation.

However difficult it might be to talk about things or share how you are feeling, remember that it is important to express those thoughts and feelings in some way, shape or form - whether through talking, drawing, art, a physical activity etc.

Also know that you are not alone and that although you might still feel pain at the moment, it is more than okay to feel like that. Its okay to let others know how you are feeling, it is okay to cry and it is more than okay to admit when things get too tough.

Just hang in there and know that there are many people out there who have potentially been through similar situations and are more than happy to support you through whatever you are going through.