I need some help


Okay, so recently I discovered I have a crush on this guy. He used to be dating my best friend, and they kind of broke up recently. The thing is, I had talked to another friend while they were together and she said this guy was just a stupid jerk. I hated him a lot, and now I kind of like/hate him. Anyone know how that feels? I kind of want to talk to one of my real life friends about it, but they all hate him, ALOT.

When I like someone, I’m really weird because I start being really mean to them and now I feel really bad because I said something really rude to him but i didn’t mean it so idk.

Any advice? I kindof want to get over him

Tags: asked June 1, 2015

4 Answers

I think you should keep away from this guy.
If he did mean stuff to your best friends, why is going to be different with you?
I know this is hard, but I prefer cutting an ilussion than cutting a deep deep bad relationship.
Try being around more time with your friends than thinking about this guy. Is much worthy! :D
We all want what we can't have and trying to get something we know we shouldn't gives us a certain thrill which can be addictive if not controlled. If he was mean to your friends chances are he's going to be mean to you and if all your friends dont like him, they wont like you if you do. Not all relationships are meant to happen, no matter how bad we want them to.
Wow honey you had better work on those social skills some. That opposite attraction thing isn't going to work much longer.
It's probably for the best that your relationship with him doesn't progress to anything more. Like others are saying, if he was mean to your friend(s), what would stop him from acting the same way toward you too? What would be different? Most likely nothing. In the end, it IS your own choice whether or not anything happens, but you should be careful. If you want to get over him, just remind yourself of what he's done to the people you care about. Remind yourself that you deserve better than someone who's hurt your friends and could potentially hurt you too.