I need help on my sexuality?


I am a female which feels lust for girls and guys though I do not think I love girls I think I only like guys. Which should make me a straight female. I roleplay and write fanfictions alot. When I roleplay the roleplay has to be homosexual, no straight or lesbian stuff. When I write fanfics they have to be homosexual aswell, no straight or lesbian stuff. I want to become a gay male. I am not happy with my gender. I am confused and I need some help?

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Gender disphoria is a complex issue that is better discussed with a licensed professional. I had a chat once with a guy dating a woman with the same exact issue.One question. How do you feel about your breasts and genitalia?
I'm a trans queer teen. I therapist is a good option for anyone with gender dysphoria because they really can help you sort things out. But never be afraid to talk to other people about this! If you want to talk to me about more personal things feel free to message me.People often think of attraction as just sexual attraction, but there is also romantic attraction. What you're describing could be called bisexual homoromantic. Bisexual as in you like men and women and homoromantic as in you fall in love with only men. Your labels are up to you though! You could say queer, gay, bi, whatever feels right for you.Homoromantic would only be if you identify as male. Gender identity, sexuality, and biological sex are all completely different things. If you feel like a guy on the inside then that is your gender. You don't have to have or want a male body to be a man. That being said it does sound like you experience body dysphoria which is a misalignment between your body and your mind. Many, but not all, trans people experience this.The trans community is diverse and beautiful. There are people of all genders, ethnicities, religions, shapes, sizes, and nationalities.Being trans can be scary and often is, but being trans isn't a bad thing. The bad part about being trans isn't BEING trans its living in a world that is just starting to accept that trans people exist. Things are getting better though! I went through a lot of self hate to get where I am now, but I'm proud of myself. Just focus on being yourself, be true to who you are and try not to let other people get you down. There's a huge loving community of people who feel like this, so you don't have to go through this alone! It's okay to question your gender, it's okay to be confused, it's okay to think about who you are and who you want to be.
I agree with Chris. This really is something better left to a professional.

But remember, even a doctor can never tell you who you are inside. They can, however, help you discover that person.
I think u might be on the straight side of bissexual