I need a friend please!


i just went through depression, and I realize now that my only friend isn’t right for me. It’s not her fault, she didn’t do anything wrong, but I just sorta don’t like hanging out with her because she brings me down and makes me sad. I want to do my best and be happy/normal and get over my depression(even though its not as bad as it was last year) and she doesn’t exactly help. I confronted her about this and she just dismissed me as being a sissy the 1st time. the second time I confronted her she said “Look, I understand, but I can’t just change like that”
I wouldn’t feel so depressed if i had another friend to talk to.
I am a 16 year old Indian Girl who lives in Singapore, anyone want to be my friend? P.S. I love adventure time(TV show). anyone else?

Tags: asked January 8, 2014

4 Answers

I totally understand where you are coming from. Me and my roommate both got dumped around the same time. She's a pessimist through and through, and can be a debby downer. The only difference now is, my boyfriend and I worked things out and got back together, while her boyfriend moved on to a new girl already. It's hard for me to be cheerful around her because I don't want to insensitive to what's she going through, so she brings me down because she's always so sad. You're not alone in this situation. Reach out and make new friends. It's so important to surround yourself with friends who make you happy and benefit your life. Message me if you ever need a friend to talk to, I'm here!
I'll be your friend!! I don't live in singapore, I live in the U.S. but i'll be there for ya. I've had my share of "best friends" and truth be told, it is her fault if she was making you feel bad about your self. You were good to break off that friendship and now you are open to make new ones :) Message me whenever you are feeling down!
you can txt me anytime if you want , and as for being your friend it's up to you to decide after having a talk with me :)
Ill be your friend :)