I miss my friend, help!


Ok so I had this best friend for 3 years, we did so many things together and we spent every minute together as well. But then he started withdrawling away from me because he was always playing Minecraft with some girls he met online and that caused us to get into fights because I would start useless drama, like I would always confront him for “ignoring me and choosing them and Minecraft over me” Which I regret with all my heart..Because 2 months ago or so we got into a really intense fight and he stopped talking to me. Just like that. And once I had to ask him an important question about something and he was like REALLY cold towards me.And then he acted like I wasn’t there, etc. etc. And now that school has started I’m all alone..I can’t make any friends. My school system works really differently so we have a full school of people from 1st to 10th grade, and I’ve been in a class with the same people for 9 years so it would be impossible to make friends now since everyone has found their groups a long time ago. I did it too but now this happened..And I’m just so lonely :’( I’m too scared to talk to him because he might ignore me..He hasn’t contacted me at all, except when he was asking for an IP for Minecraft. And when I asked a friend to ask him why he did that he said that I was too dramatic and his life has gotten better because there’s no drama..
I just can’t believe how he can just throw away a friendship of 3 years, just like that! He dosen’t even care about my feelings..
But I really want him back, I miss the times we had together so much..Me, him and his friends together. The laughs, the random stuff, our future plans..
Any tips on how I can get him back??
I’m too scared to make a move!
I’ve been having a lot of dreams about him too, because I miss him so much, I feel like I’m going crazy without him! I feel so weak, for needing him. If I would tell him that he would get full of himself and stuff..

Anyways.. before I end this question I wanna add one thing, but I don’t know if it’s that important but..
When I asked the friend for information on how he feels about this whole thing and he said:
“Well I KINDA miss her sometimes but I’m not like sad or anything”..
And sometimes I catch him looking at me in class, but maybe it’s just my imagination.

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2 Answers

First, I'd start with a sincere apology. If you truly care about someone or love someone, you should want them to be happy. And if MineCraft makes him happy, then let him do what makes him happy.

About the fight, just apologize and mean it, because it sounds like you are truly sorry. Don't expect a response and don't expect positive feedback. Say you are sorry and leave it alone. It will sink in.

About your school, I went to the same kind. You just have to keep trying. Introduce yourself to people. Be persistent. People have walls up at first, but if your are nice, smile and are pleasant to be around, their walls will come down and you will make friends soon enough.

Last, TALK TO HIM! Guess what?! If you don't talk to him, you have already lost. So, make the effort. If you try, at least you have a chance of restoring something that is important to you.

Finally, if he thinks you are drama, then just act casual around him. Like your totally chill about everything! Giving him space helps too! He probably just needs to breathe. You can mention that when you apologize. Say sorry I was so emotional and freaking out, I was just scared I was going to lose you as a friend.

About the quote:
“Well I KINDA miss her sometimes but I’m not like sad or anything”..
"I miss her. But I'm too macho to admit it."

Take a chance. Be brave. Relax. If it works out, great! If not, please realize that there are SO many people in this world waiting to be friends with you! You just have to put in a little effort!

I wish you the very best!

Hope this helps! Take care!
Just tell him you're sorry. Long friendships don't end just because someone gets caught up in a video game. Why not try playing minecraft with them? It's a hella fun game! Make sure you give him space when he gets into something, or at least join him in his interests. Trying to bully him out of playing isn't going to make anything better.