I love my 27 yr old bf and don’t want to lose him


Me and my bf had been dating for 10 months now. Since February things had been really serious. And we e are in love with each h other. I really care about him and want the best for him the same vice versa. Well recently we been arguing a lot and it’s really frustrating. I’m 19 he’s 27 so our arguments are really petty. I do have trust issues with him but I do believe I’m the only one and there’s no proof that there is someone else. Well I feel intimidated by other girls because I’m so young and I feel like he’ll leave me for someone his age. And I don’t want to lose him, but I feel like my age is the reason why we argue about such silly things. I told him how I felt but it doesn’t stop the arguments. How can I fix this. How do I try to understand my age and not react a certain way because it would push him away. Its impossible to mature over night but I want to be more responsible for the things I say and at least gain respect from him so I don’t feel like he’s talking down to me. Please help

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Did he have a problem going out with you in the first place even if there is a age gap... no the only problem is that you need to be more understanding .. when ever an argumen is coming thinking over and over see if it worth it to actually argue about it like talk your self out try to explian it to your self. You cant change things if they were meant to be .. then let it happen .. every realationship has problems and arguments but the problems become bigger of we dont solve them . And why aruments become arguments its becouse intend of explaining why are we angry we show the anger . Age isnt the problem .. so dont blame it as long as you guys get trough it and be there for each other then there is nothing you have to worry about it .. remember the most importent things in realationship is trust and loyalty work on and you realationship will be harder then a rock.. ohh and btw girls mature with age faster with age guys takee much much longer so i actually recon the level is equal the numbers are just diffrent . !