I love him


Me and my boyfriend broke up 2 days ago. I love him so much. He loves me too. We were in a long distance relationship for 1 year. Sending presents, talking all day. He said he couldn’t bear the pain anymore and he didn’t want to hurt me anymore too. I thought he was stronger. Yet, I don’t want to accept our break up. I have seen how much he hurts now. This is doing to both bad. I had told him he is hurting me more but he told me one day I will understand. I can’t…my heart is hurting. He told me he can’t delete me from his life so he will always be with me as a friend. I can’t too. I think we should fight it. Many people have won the distance What would you do in my position?… This situation is unbearable.

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1 Answer

To me it all depends on how much longer you'll be long distance?

There is a big difference between year and five years. If it's going to be a long time - even though you love him - dating other people could be good for your relationship with your exbf. It gives you experience to be 100% sure you've made the right choice when that time comes.

Communicate with him - maybe this break up doesn't have to be a permanent break up but rather just a break.