I love him, but do I really love him?


I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a few months now, and although people say it’s too soon, I’m a pretty intense person, and he’s a pretty intense guy… I really do love him, but every time I hear “it’s too soon, it’s too soon” I start to freak out a little.
Is there really a “too soon” to falling in love? Am I just getting too swept away without thinking it through first?

Tags: asked November 19, 2013

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Ask yourself: Am I willing to sacrifice even important things for him? There's your answer.

One advice though, you might be in love with the illusion that you have of him, not the real him. Have you seen him at his worst? Can you accept the repulsive parts of him? The answers to these questions will tell you how much you really love him.
Hi Wynne! Allow me to express my humble opinion. Nobody has the exact answer for the period of time of falling in love. That's what the chemistry about. :) Sometimes our friends are worried that we are falling in too deep before knowing a guy well enough. But you know what is right for you as you follow your instinct. Just follow your heart ;) but do keep an eye on the relationship and avoid doing anything beyond the limit. Hope my advice helps. Cheers.
First of all, you shouldn't care what people say. People will always find something wrong about you, they will criticize you either way. In my opinion, everyone is different. We all fall in love at different times, but it doesn't mean that a 40 year old's love is any truer than yours. My advice to you is that you should follow your heart and do not let anyone ineterfere with your life.
I love the way you worded that- "I love him, but do I really love him?". May I ask, what is love to you? How well have you gotten to know him- do you connect on a personal level? Do you encourage the best in one another, is the relationship healthy? Are you realistic- do you accept that yes, he is human (not superman) and that he does have faults- while at the same time respecting yourself enough to know when it's not healthy? Ask yourself these questions. Some of them may not even apply.
there is no too soon when you find that person it can happen anytime. but think about your relationship with him. "love is the worst hurt but the best state of mind"
People have their standard time they find appropriate to fall in love. A person like me has to get to know and trust the person, which takes a while because that's just me. Love is a complex thing we have yet to figure out. If someone asks "Am I in love with ___?" and my answer to that question would be, do you? Because there is not real answer. You just feel it; you know it. It's something you would most likely not question. When people say that it's "too soon" ask yourself, "Is it 'too soon' to me?" But, in all honesty, I don't have a definite answer to your question. When it's all said and done, it's up to you! :) And whatever you choose, I hope it works out!