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I love and the typical approved to treat like attended over at even you know doing like I said I didn’t that list so take that into account and neglected my legs I did not train them at all and I can’t remember a lot of intensity but II him everybody you know wanted to have the Beach body thing and I and I was get all the exchange was due for everybody I’m accepted at less 10-12 reps and in you know she was a try to change its organizing workouts all that stuff and I switched about the earmark ever take aren’t you just focusing on for six reps phone change matcher size setup changing my workout following my work phone was much too high in the past which is also a downside to most usual 10-12 programs you’re really doing a lot of sets and work meeting you know no less than probably twenty twenty-five cents and that alone she’s over training period miss you on drugs that over training and it’s an easy way of the guys being mean a strong and I’ve said this before he said imagine for our team to a five-set he’s on drugs period.


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